About Robbie Delfs

Robbie instructed the inaugural cohort at UA and has been honing his pedagogy ever since! He also works as a Software Engineer at General Motors where he develops a variety of super secret internal tools.

Web Development has been a passion for Robbie ever since he began accepting Yugioh cards as payment for modifying the HTML on his friends’ Myspace pages. He has since built a plethora of websites for small businesses and has collected multiple bug bounties from Fortune 500 companies.

For Robbie, coding is a job and a hobby – a “jobby,” if you will. He believes it is the closest thing to a superpower that we can use to bring about meaningful social change. That it is a simple medium of infinite possibility that he loves to share with his students.

Fun Facts:

  • He has voluntary nystagmus (can shake his eyes).
  • He likes to collect vinyl and run half marathons.
  • He is a Certified SpongeBob Expert.