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Blog Category: Student Success

7 Data Analytics Books You Should Read in 2019

Woman reading a book

There’s never been a better time to learn data analytics and enter the growing field. The job landscape is expanding, with a wide range of opportunities in a variety of industries. When preparing for a career in data analytics, the volume of information to master can be very overwhelming. It’s always best to do some…

How to Identify a Good (or Bad) Online Coding Boot Camp

Good or bad coding bootcamp?

As the market for coding and web development continues to grow, more traditional schools are now entering the online coding boot camp market. Offering a coding boot camp allows these institutions to enter the emerging market and meet its growing demand. It is now possible to become a full-stack developer, coding professional, or a skilled…

Failing Forward: Jesse Forte’s Journey to Coding

Failing Forward: Jesse Forte’s Journey to Coding

Redemption (launching this July) is a book about achieving a better life, through struggle and hardship. That title could also sum up author Jesse Forte’s life thus far. Having reported overseas and even spent a stint homeless, Jesse now works as an application analyst at Kubra, a crisis management company. From journalism to coding—with a little…