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Failing Forward: Jesse Forte’s Journey to Coding

Failing Forward: Jesse Forte’s Journey to Coding

Redemption (launching this July) is a book about achieving a better life, through struggle and hardship. That title could also sum up author Jesse Forte’s life thus far. Having reported overseas and even spent a stint homeless, Jesse now works as an application analyst at Kubra, a crisis management company. From journalism to coding—with a little…

Student Spotlight: Abby Thoresen Pursues a Dream

Abby Thoresen University of Arizona Boot Camps Blog Picture

Jobs that require coding skills are growing at a much faster rate than the national average for other jobs, and Burning Glass reports that there are already 7 million job openings that require coding skills. But not everyone is benefiting equally from this opportunity for career growth. According to a report from Accenture and Girls Who Code, the…