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Failing Forward: Jesse Forte’s Journey to Coding

Failing Forward: Jesse Forte’s Journey to Coding

Redemption (launching this July) is a book about achieving a better life, through struggle and hardship. That title could also sum up author Jesse Forte’s life thus far. Having reported overseas and even spent a stint homeless, Jesse now works as an application analyst at Kubra, a crisis management company. From journalism to coding—with a little…

Student Spotlight: Abby Thoresen Pursues a Dream

Abby Thoresen University of Arizona Boot Camps Blog Picture

Jobs that require coding skills are growing at a much faster rate than the national average for other jobs, and Burning Glass reports that there are already 7 million job openings that require coding skills. But not everyone is benefiting equally from this opportunity for career growth. According to a report from Accenture and Girls Who Code, the…

Coding Boot Camp Coming to East Valley

Coding boot camp coming to East Valley

The Town of Gilbert and University of Arizona are partnering on a new coding boot camp in the Heritage District area. The 24-week boot camp offers students work in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Java, and other applications. The tech students will also get help with career counseling, resumes and portfolios. A similar program started in Chandler…

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